About SMP

SMP’s leadership is what sets us apart. Our engineering development, manufacturing tradition, unmatched sales team, and online support systems provide a sturdy backbone for our daily operation. Our award-winning training delivers up-to-date installation and problem-solving techniques for current issues in the aftermarket, while our marketing efforts and brand recognition ensure you’re working with the best in the business and an established, trusted partner. Meeting customer demands in many different market channels set SMP apart.

At SMP, we are environmentally conscious and committed to making a difference with efficient and green manufacturing processes. Our commitment to engineering ingenuity makes us technological leaders in the automotive aftermarket.

Structure Overview

SMP is organized into two major operating segments: Engine Management and Temperature Control. Each segment focuses on a specific line of replacement parts. SMP markets products throughout the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Europe and Asia through traditional as well as non-traditional channels. We distribute parts under our own brand names, such as Standard®, BWD®, TechSmart®, Intermotor®, Hayden®, ACI®, Four Seasons®, and through private labels.

In addition to the traditional automotive replacement market, SMP has engineered product solutions for the military, high-performance, agricultural, industrial and heavy-equipment markets. SMP leads the way in innovative technologies such as ‘next generation’ low-emission hybrid systems; CNG and LPG fueled vehicles, diesel emission controls, flow-matching fuel injection, and TPMS technology.